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Vantage Apparel is dedicated to social responsibility, safety and product quality at all levels and phases of production and manufacturing processes.


“Diversity & Inclusion”

Diversity, equity and inclusion are more than words and concepts. They are essential drivers for the growth and continued success of Vantage Apparel. Our commitment is to create an inclusive environment where all team members feel equal, valued and supported. This empowers our team to thrive in our activity; driving success for our community. At Vantage Apparel, these essential drivers are threaded into the way we foster growth in our company. We hold all team members accountable to understand and live by these essential behaviors to respect and lift up one another.

Code Of Conduct

Our Company believes we must meet the highest ethical expectations of our customers and consumers. To that end, we have adopted standards for the quality and safety of the products we sell, and we are committed to ensuring that our manufacturing processes respect the rights of individuals and protect the environment.

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We will work to assure compliance with all applicable laws, and we will conduct business in an ethical, responsible manner. We expect the same commitment from all businesses that provide us products as primary manufacturers or component subcontractors. We also expect those suppliers to implement procedures to ensure continual compliance and upon mutual agreement will open their factories and records for audits by our company’s staff or qualified third-party organizations.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Vantage views sustainability as an approach to operating in a responsible and respectful manner leading to positive environmental and social outcomes for our business, our customers, our vendors, the communities in which we operate in and the world.

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Apparel with a Purpose

The demand for sustainable fashion continues to increase as more companies look for ways to integrate environmental and social issues into their business operations. The Vantage Earthwise collection offers high-performance apparel made up of high-quality recycled polyester which helps to keep plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans and landfills. The collection also allows brands to deliver both an eco-conscious and charitable message through a give-back program that donates a portion of sales to local causes.

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